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Elevator shows economy's ups and downs - 2012-10-24

Elevator shows economy's ups and downs

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - If you want to know about the ups and downs in the city of Dayton, the place to go is City Hall, but you don't have to sit through a long meeting to find out the city's financial state, all you have to do is jump in an elevator.

"It is notorious for breaking down," says Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph of City Hall's elevators.

2 NEWS learned the elevators in City Hall have a history of being out of service. Some people have even gotten stuck in them before.

But the days of broken elevators may be numbered.

"We have done some repairs," says Asst. City Manager Stanley Earley. "We need to complete that process."

The city plans to use $125,000 to fix the motor wheel and cable part of the elevators before their condition goes down another few floors.

"If you don't fix it, it'll fall apart," Earley says.

The money for the elevator is part of a $2.5 million addition to the city's budget. Much of it is being spent on fixing things that the city didn't have the money to repair in the past.

"None of the things are particularly exciting but they're the kind of thing if you don't pay now you'll have to pay later," Earley says.

But are the repairs a good use of your tax dollars?

2 NEWS asked City Commissioner Matt Joseph what he thought.

"At some point you can only put deferred maintenance off so long and we have people who have trouble walking and are a little older, so it's time," Joseph says.

Other things city officials plan to use the extra $2.5 million in the budget for include tearing down more vacant homes around town.

But even with things looking better, those crunching the numbers aren't ready to say the rough ride is over just yet.

Although if the elevators are any indication, it's at least getting a little smoother.